A Little Gay Natural History

Curious about the hidden diversity of sex in nature? 

Josh Davis, Digital News Editor at London’s Natural History Museum, leads this online, on-demand course based on his book A Little Gay Natural History. Endorsed by Stephen Fry, his book, like this course, smashes stereotypes and raises eyebrows. Through 12 course video chapters, Josh reveals the astonishing diversity of sexual behaviour, biology and reproduction found in nature. Meet gay giraffes, bisexual primates, birds with four sexes and lizards that have done away with males altogether. Discover how nature is queerer than you thought.
  • Instructor: Josh Davis
  • Level: Beginner
  • Number of chapters: 13 
  • Study time: 1 hour 15 minutes
  • Course handbook included


In this course, explore:
  • the incredible diversity of sexual behaviour, biology and reproduction found in nature 
  • how, in both animals and plants, sexual reproduction and determination rely on a complex interaction between genes, hormones, environment and chance
  • intriguing examples of animals, plants and fungi species that defy expectation

Course plan

Meet your scientist

Josh Davis

Josh, a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community and a passionate science writer for the Natural History Museum in London, has spent the past five years capturing the wonder of scientific discovery and research. His journey began with a degree in Biology from University College London, followed by over a year tracking gorillas through the rainforests of central Africa. Little did Josh know that a decade later, he would be walking through the doors of the prestigious Natural History Museum to work alongside brilliant scientists. 

Every day, Josh has the privilege of engaging with researchers who are deeply passionate about their work and sharing these incredible stories with the world. His primary interests lie in wildlife, conservation, and the environment, making the Museum an ideal place to call home. Inclusivity is a core value for Josh, and he is fortunate to work with colleagues and friends who are equally committed to promoting diversity and representation in the field of science. 
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