Dinosaurs 101

Curious about the age of the dinosaurs? Unlock their ancient secrets with world-renowned dinosaur expert Dr Susannah Maidment. 

Have you ever wondered how the dinosaurs were discovered in nineteenth-century Europe or if Jurassic Park could ever become a reality? Embark on a thrilling journey back to the Mesozoic Era with Dr Maidment as we explore the evolution, habitats and extinction of the dinosaurs.
  • Instructor: Dr Susannah Maidment
  • Level: Beginner
  • Number of chapters: 13
  • Course length: 2 hours
  • Course workbook included


In this course, explore: 
  • the history of palaeontology, tracing pivotal scientists and their discoveries 
  • new insights into the end-Cretaceous extinction event and its implications for bird evolution 
  • how advanced technologies like micro-CT scanning are pushing the boundaries of dinosaur research 
  • speculations on the future of dinosaur research, including de-extinction and non-invasive excavation  
  • the history of palaeontology, tracing pivotal scientists and their discoveries how interdisciplinary research sheds light on dinosaur behaviour 

Course plan

Meet your scientist

Dr Susie Maidment

Dr Susannah Maidment is a renowned dinosaur researcher and Principal Researcher at London’s Natural History Museum. Susannah specialises in bird-hipped dinosaurs, also known as ornithischian dinosaurs, with a particular focus on armoured species such as Stegosaurus.

Her research includes studying the geological contexts of dinosaur evolution, particularly within the Morrison Formation of the western USA. In addition to this, Susannah also investigates biases in the fossil record to reveal past biodiversity patterns.  
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